CCExtractor Downloads

You can find the latest releases of CCExtractor here: GitHub releases page

Available release artifacts are:

  • Full source code
  • Minimal source code (.git and windows directories excluded)
  • MSI installer for Windows
  • Portable Windows version (zipped)

The windows artifacts include the Flutter GUI, if you use another platform you can look here

Windows XP

The last guaranteed version to work on Windows XP is 0.89. You can download the compiled (portable) program with the (old) GUI on the 0.89 GitHub release page

Package managers

As far as we know, CCExtractor is available on the following package managers (it might not be the most recent version though):

Additional software written by the team

User Documentation for Subtitle Downloader

User Documentation for Activity Extractor

CCAligner - Word by Word Audio Subtitle Synchronisation Tool and API


Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (this might be needed to run CCExtractor 0.70 and above in XP).

Dependencies for the full CCExtractor version (with FFmpeg, OCR, etc) (they are included in the distribution packages but we have them separately for convenience).