Roku reference channel(II)

Roku is currently the most common media streamer. It's cheap and neutral (it's not in any "fight"). Unfortunately, there aren't any good open source channels. We started working on one last year, but we didn't get to a status of "awesomeness". We'd like to continue working on that.

We will send a free Roku to our student for development.

Below is the description from last year. Some things weren't complete. When you load the channel it doesn't have the polished view that other channels have (for example Netflix has a fantastic layout in which no screen is wasted).

An important thing is the progress bar. Roku's default is horrible, and a channel that uses it screams "my developers didn't care". So a mandatory thing this year is a custom progress bar.

2020 description

What makes a good Roku channel?

For the playback itself Roku provides a basic system in which you have the usual things such as play/store, fast-forward and so on. But there's no default context menu, the progress bar is horrible and looks really bad...

Organization must be flexible and complete. Don't assume that things belong in just one place. For example you may want to have a section of Python tutorials, one of AI videos, one of videos in Spanish and so on. Of course there's videos that belong in all three places.

The home page must be well designed and pleasant to the eye. It must be easy to navigate.

Recommendations, last played, search, settings, etc, must be easy to find and by themselves need to be good. Note that the recommendation themselves belong in a backend and you don't need to implement the actual backend: You need to implement the connection to such backend though.

You also need to support "activation", which is the process in which the user links his Roku to an account existing in the system, for example to get access (case of a non-free channel) or custom recomendations.

Your job is the Roku channel itself, but you must provide a backend skeleton at the very least to support all the channel features.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page.