Port and/or rewrite CEA-608 support to Rust

Expected size: 350 hours
Primary mentor: Punit Lodha, who successfully ported CEA-708 to Rust as a student in 2021.
Backup mentor: Carlos Fernandez, who started CCExtractor and is still the official maintainer, even though it's been a team effort for many years.

608 is the standard for analog TV in the US and a few other countries. Wait, don't go! It's upconverted so even if it's "old", it's the minimum common denominator and present in all broadcasts.

Current status:

  • Complete implementation in C. May have bugs, but it's been used in production for ages.
  • Written early, meaning lots of things weren't clear then and the code is messy.
  • Suspected to have some security issues that Rust can help with.

Your Job:

  • Replace the C code with Rust code.

We will provide hundreds of samples (for which you must complete support, no exceptions) and access to a high speed linux server for you to work with if needed. These samples are usually very large (hundreds of megabytes each) so working locally may not be feasible for you if you don't have a great internet connection.

For developers in India we have someone there with an external 2 TB drive with a copy of all our samples. That drive goes from developer to developer, so if needed we can get it shipped to you.

If you are not in India or in a country in which just downloading the samples is the easy way, get in touch. We'll figure something out so access to media is not a problem.

This is a high value task and we'd love to have it done, but in order to qualify you need to fix some of the existing bugs.

Also part of this idea:


Which is about implementing .mcc support, which as the GitHub ticket says complements 708 very well.

Getting started:

The wikipedia page on 608 This is quite good actually. It's not a complete description of the standard, but it's quite useful to understand what 608 is about.

How to get started Best thing you can do is download a few samples (check our TV samples page) and try to solve some of the CEA-608 issues we have listed on GitHub.

This is also the best way to get accepted into GSoC.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page.