Mabud Alam (Slack handle: @mabud). Mabud was the contributor for GSoC '23 for TaskWarrior project and is now going to mentor this during GSoC .

Time estimation

350 hours

Project Brief

TaskWarrior is a powerful command-line tool for managing task lists. With local and server support, TaskWarrior facilitates task synchronization across multiple devices, enables script integration due to its command-line interface, offers robust filtering capabilities, and more.

TaskServer is a daemon or service that will allow you to share tasks among different client applications, primarily Taskwarrior.

This project aims to develop a platform for syncing tasks with TaskServer, providing an alternative to now defunct services like inthe.am and freecinc.

Your Job

The platform should have:

  1. Authentication System
    • Allow sign up/login with Google, Email or Password credentials
    • Securely store user passwords and tokens
    • Issue JWT tokens on successful login for authentication
  2. User Sessions
    • Associate credentials and tokens with user sessions
    • Allow users to generate TaskServer API keys and sync tokens per session
    • Manage concurrent sessions - update tasks across sessions
  3. Data Models
    • Define data models for tasks, projects, tags etc. that are compatible with TaskWarrior
    • Enable bidirectional sync with TaskServer using similar data structures
  4. Web UI
    • Develop a frontend in React/Vue/Angular with components for authentication, task listings, editing etc.
    • Use Tailwind/Bootstrap for styling and layout
    • Should be responsive for mobile and desktop access
    • Include dashboards and views for task statuses and statistics
  5. Task Listings
    • Display paginated list of user's synced tasks
    • Support sorting, filtering and search on tasks
    • Surface key details in list view for quick scanning
  6. API Layer
    • GraphQL/REST APIs for create, read, update, delete on tasks
    • Additional APIs for authentication, user sessions etc.
    • Error handling, input validation and rate limiting
  7. Testing
    • Unit, integration and e2e tests for critical components
    • CI/CD pipeline with automated testing on commits and deployments
  8. Cross-Device Sync
    • Changes to tasks, projects, tags on one device should sync automatically to user's other registered devices
    • Enable push notifications for sync updates if possible
  9. Infrastructure
    • Containerize application with Docker for simplified deployments
    • Configure logging with tools like Sentry
    • Follow security best practices
  10. Documentation
    • End user docs & setup guides for set up.
    • Technical docs covering architecture, APIs, testing guidelines etc.

Extended Work (optional) :

  1. RSS feeds : You can enable or disable the RSS feed showing your upcoming tasks by sending a POST request.
  2. Email integration : You can configure which e-mail addresses are allowed to send new tasks to taskserver.
  3. Jira Integration.

Tech Stack

You are free to use any backend and frontend techstacks. Like : Go,Flask,Django,FastApi,React,Nextjs,Tailwind,SQL.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page. Any Flutter task will do.

Useful Resources