Ultimate Alarm Clock

Mentor: Nishant Singhal (Slack handle: @Nishant Singhal). Nishant Singhal is a GSoC'22 participant with CCExtractor Development. He made contributions to the TaskWarrior Project.

Time estimation
350 hours

Project Brief

There's plenty of alarm clocks for mobile, of course. But the most decent ones are expensive. Some even have subscriptions. Really, for a clock? They cost more than an actual physical clock.

We want to put an end to this nonsense :-) Let's build a good alarm clock that has features that the rest don't and that it's open source, free, no ads, etc.

Features we want

Most of the standard features are quite straight forward, so let's no list them as they're obvious. Let's focus on non-standard features. For example:

  • Alarm conditional to location. For example:
    • Ring only at 4:25 pm if and only if I'm at work, because I need to leave. Don't ring otherwise.
    • Ring only at 7:30 am if and only if I'm at home, because I need to wake up.
  • Alarm conditional to phone activity, for example:
    • Ring only if I haven't used the phone in the past 10 minutes. Otherwise don't, because I'm already awake.
  • Alarms conditional to weather, for example:
    • Ring only if it's sunny, otherwise I'm not going anywhere :-)
  • Shared alarms so other people can adjust them, for example:
    • If I have to pick someone one up let that person remove the alarm if they no longer need picking up.

Features we don't care about

We don't want a lot of bloat. There's lots of alarm clocks that do things like sleep tracking (which you can do much better with a dedicated app), lulabys...

There's 350 hours in this project, and the goal is to have a good alarm clock that stands out.

We don't want a clone of anything that already exists.

Your Job

Your job is to build this from scratch. There's nothing done, it's a new project.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page. Any Flutter task will do.