VR Virtual Desktop For Linux.

Mentor: Carlos

Time estimation
350 hours.

Project Brief

Some VR headsets such as Meta's Quest 2 come with a Virtual Desktop tool that lets you connect your computer to the headset and get virtual desktops. There's lots of YouTube videos on this topic, here's one. . There's a headset component and a computer component. The computer component exists for Windows and Mac, but not for Linux. That's what we want to build.

Your Job

The goal is to come up with a working prototype that is good enough for early adopters to play with and other developers to join the effort.

We're going to target this environment:

HeadQuest: Meta Quest 2. Linux: i3, or to be precise, sway, under the distribution Regolith Linux (which is a i3 flavor of Ubuntu). Last year we had great success getting sway to work on Regolith. We want to continue contributing to that fantastic distribution.


The Mac and Windows versions provided by Meta use different protocols (reasons being on the underlying system). Probably we want to mimic one of them so we don't have to do work on the headset and it's all on the backend.