Mentor: Primary Mentor: Akshat Tripathi (Slack handle: @Akshat Tripathi). Akshat is a GSoC'22 participant with CCExtractor Development. He made contributions to the Flood-Mobile Project.

Time estimation
350 hours

Project Brief

This project basically aims to replace the dio package used by our existing flutter applications with a homebuild HTTP client package to remove the dependency on the dio package. This project also aims to develop a potential substitute to dio package which could be used by the flutter and dart community to serve their purpose. We see great potential in this project and we would be surely maintaining it for indefinite time if we start this project. This adds a big opportunity for the contributors to this project to be one of the primary contributor of a long term project and would hence provide them great opportunities for future also.

Your Job

Your job is to build a package that would be an alternative to dio and would atleast serve the basic purpose of HTTP packages and have some important features/services currently provided by the dio package.

The first step for the interested contributors who want to contribute to this project would be to make a well drafted plan containing a detailed description of the features/services that will be implemented at the end of the contribution period. The contributors are also advised to make the proposal for this project a bit early and discuss and get the proposal reviewed from the mentors. The chances of getting the proposal selected for this project can be increased by implementing a small basic feature of the HTTP package (for example a get request feature) and adding the link to the repository containing the implemented feature code to the proposal.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page.