CCExtractor Web : A web application for subtitle extraction through CCExtractor.

Developed under Google Summer of Code, 2018 with CCExtractor Development By Saurabh Shrivastava

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The aim of the project is to create an easy to use web application that can be hosted on a web-server for subtitle extraction using CCExtractor. The idea is simple -- the users do not need to install CCExtractor on their own machine, they can directly use the web application to process their files anytime, anywhere. It would also serve as an easy interface for first-time developers (notably GSoC and GCI students) to experience the extraction process.

The high-level workflow for this project basically involves obtaining files from the user along with suitable parameters, passing them to the CCExtractor, processing the files, obtaining output file and making it available for download. Other things include, but is not limited to, user management, file management, record maintenance, multiple CCExtractor binary options, and API.

The project was built by me individually with the invaluable help from my mentors. All the external libraries and code used are credited wherever due.

Technical Documentation

All the technical details are commented in the codes and the documentation is available in the readme of the repository (linked above). Code is properly commented and the variables, classes and other components are named properly in CamelCase for easier understanding of the code. Find compiling, installing, usage instructions and docs here :

Known Issues / Future Work Needed

The project is in its very early stage and is constantly evolving. The available functions, usage instructions et cetera are expected to refactor over time. Feel free to contribute and improve the project. Currently, files could only be uploaded from a user's file system. In future, I would like to add the capability to add files from cloud storage like Google Drive and add batch processing. Feel free to raise any issue in the repository's issue tracker :

Read More

More information and news related to the project could be found at the links attached above and would be posted from time to time on my blog :