Real time repository and website

The main goal of this year was to bring real-time repository to more stable, less resource demanding and usable version. A lot of decisions made in GSoC 2014 and 2015 turned out to be wrong. So this year I had to start everything almost from scratch. The things that were achieved to this date are:

Besides that:

The first half of the summer went as planned but then some problems arouse. The first version used Google Datastore and App Engine. Turned out hosting it cost $300 per two week which was very expensive. So we decided to use Amazon AWS. I changed the code for their services and then I wasted a lot of time trying to deploy it, but I couldn't and I still don't know why (although I used it in the previous year). Then I switched to Google Container Engine, it worked, but my app used a lot of CPU %, so I had to redesign it again and reconsider a lot of decisions (in panic). Because of this the following features were not done: