Subtitle Extractor


All the technical details are commented in the codes and the documentation is available in the Readme's of their directories. The variables, classes and other components of the code are named properly in Camel Case for easier understanding of the code.


I am the only contributor to this repository. Started it from scratch.

How to use?

The usage is listed in the README file of the GitHub repository and also in the USER DOCUMENTATION WIKI PAGE

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation about the code architecture and how to add support for new services has been written in the Technical Documentation Wiki

About the Project

The project deals with downloading of subtitles from popular online TV Services like Netflix, BBC,Hulu. The project aims to perform this task without the need for the user to interact with the browser. The process is automated completely. The user just needs to input the URL of the video and the application will download the subtitles. For services like YouTube, CrunchyRoll which have subtitles in multiple languages, the user gets an option to choose the preferred language. For Netflix, Amazon the user needs to have a valid login and subscription to the videos, only then the subtitles will be downloaded.

The whole application was written from scratch. It was coded in Python 3 and it uses a few external libraries like BeautifulSoup, selenium for Python.

The commits to this project repository can be found in the link -

Subtitle Extractor Commits

Future Work

In the future support for new services like ComedyCentral, Channel5 will be added. As the application depends on the individual services websites, the repository will be checked regularly for errors. Accordingly the bugs would be tackled. I also plan upon adding features like -

  • Batch Downloading of Subtitles. (Currently on Amazon supports this feature)
  • Choice of episode selection.
  • Preference for file naming.

Other work

Besides the work mentioned above, also contributed a few patches for bugs and features for CCExtractor:

The detailed list of commits can be found here on this page - My commits to the main repository