Build and use the CCExtractor flutter GUI

The new cross platform interface is all you need, as it includes all the options. After installing GUI you will have a shortcut in your desktop, this lets users not familiar with CLI to extract subtitles. Usually, you will never need to use all the options (and even if you do, all the setting are saved locally at Documents/config.json in your PC) for regular usage.

Install from releases (WINDOWS ONLY)

If you run the GUI from nighly builds or source, you need to manually have the ccextractor binary in your PATH (ccextractorwinfull.exe if you are on windows or ccextractor if you are on linux/macOS)

Nightly builds (WINDOWS, LINUX)

Building and running the GUI from source (WINDOWS, LINUX & MACOS)

Additional macOS steps:

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from macos/*.entitlements files

Using the GUI

The GUI is mainly divided into 2 parts, the home screen and the settings screen(s).

Home screen

Settings screen(S)

The GUI has tons of options so they are seperated into several settings screens. All of the options are saved locally in a json file so you can save the settings you need frequently,

To report any bugs, please file a issue on github or get in touch with us on slack. Most CCExtractor developers hang out in a slack team. You're welcome to request an invitation here