Google Code-in 2016 task list

Code-In 2016 finished already. We're really sad, but it's been an amazing experience so we will be back!

Questions? You can email us at But please make sure you read the whole page first.

For tasks that require some resources in general we will provide them for you, including access to videos, system accounts, etc.

Remember that the absolute best way to get invited by an organization to participate in Summer of Code is by being part of the community before GSoC is even announced. If we, as an organization, are invited to GSoC 2017 the applications from successful Code-In students will go to the top of pile.

We also give back to our students in any way we can, including writing recommendation letters that can help to apply to universities, visas, jobs and so on.

In short - don't think that the reward for participating this year may be limited to a T-Shirt :-)

General things to keep in mind while working:

  1. Collaboration is much better than competition.
  2. Mentors love it when a student comes up with a better idea than their own, really. Do not just do as told. If something doesn't feel right either argue against it or work on a different area.
  3. If you want to do something that is 90% or so implemented in any other open source project just take it, complete it, send the maintainers of that project whatever changes you did so they can use them if they want, and integrate with our code. Always remember to leave all license and credits intact (you can add your own name).
  4. Mentors are there to help but they're people too, not bots. So they sleep from time to time, may also have other things going on, can get sick, etc. They will reciprocate when they think of students.
  5. Whatever you do, we want to integrate. This means that your work will be public and will be around for a long time. In a few years you will find your own code again (code tends to follow you). Try to leave it in a condition that your future you will be proud of.


Slack is a great communication tool. Most CCExtractor developers hang out in a slack team. You're welcome to request an invitation here