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Project Nephos

Developed under Google Summer of Code, 2018 with CCExtractor Development By Aaditya M Nair

One of the function of the RedHen Organisation is to record and archive Television streams they receive for future research. Project Nephos is an effort by CCExtractor to automate the entire process. Archiving is done by compressing and uploading to Google Drive. In addition to downloading and archiving, Project Nephos provides the following functionalities:

  1. Tagging of videos.
  2. Searching archived videos.
  3. Sharing videos with other entities

For installing the Python extension module, the user needs to make sure that the user has compiled/installed all the dependencies for CCExtractor (mentioned here).

After the user has compiled/installed all the dependencies for CCExtractor, for installing Python extension module, the user needs to install two dependencies:

  1. SWIG swig
  2. Python-dev package ubuntu

For other operating systems, the user has to install python-dev package as mentioned in the corresponding system's documentation.

After the user has compiled/installed the additional dependencies for Python Extension module, the user can install the extension module by

sudo pip install ccextractor
pip install ccextractor --user

(the above method has been successfully tested on unbuntu16.04 - Xenial)

In case of virtual environments, the user can install the Python Extension module by

pip install ccextractor

After the user has successfully installed the extension module, the user can test the module as per the test script which is used for processing a single sample. However, if the user desires to process all the samples in a particular directory then the user can use this test script.

NOTE: In case the installation fails, make sure you have updated setuptools, pip and also installed/compiled all the dependencies mentioned in this section.

Architectural Documentation

The overall documentation for the extension module as to how has the module architecture designed and how the further contributors can continue development has been done in this documentation.

Dependency Documentation

For the contributors who want to either just install the dependencies for the extension module documentation would help them understand the dependency compilation.

Contributor Documentation

For contributors who wish to understand how exactly is the CCExtractor Extension module compiled and installed on a system, this documentaion contains relevant information.

All the commits made by me to the CCExtractor repository could be found here.

All the pull requests by me to the CCExtractor repository could be found here.

  • I have worked on solving issue #705 and submitted a PR(merged), thus solving the issue.
  • I have also worked on issue #304. I analyzed the issue's sample and found some errors in the way the sample information was encoded. A detailed discussion is present at our Slack under channel bug304.

The overall GSOC experience was really wonderful and the entire team here at CCExtractor was really helpful. The project was really challenging and helped me learn a great deal of basic as well as advanced concepts for software development.

The project included additions in CCExtractor source code as well as additions in Python extension module part to continue the processing of captions via Python. Thus, the project was really helpful in exploring concepts of C as well as Python. In addition to these, I also learnt a number of technologies such as SWIG, Python C-API, GCC- compiler basics as well as advanced topics, GDB, etc.

Moreover, this project helped me get a much deeper knowledge of Open Source Software Development.

About me

I am final year student studying at IIT Kharagpur, India. I would definitely be an active contributor not only for CCExtractor extension module but also the Sample-Platform as well as CCExtractor.

Email address :

Blog :

GitHub profile:

Slack : skrill

Thank you.

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