Google Code-In 2017

We're happy to see you here :-)

Just so that it's clear, Code-in was just announced and the period for organizations to apply has not started yet. This means no one has been accepted or rejected. But we are definitely going to apply once again. Last year was fantastic by all possibly metrics.

Most likely you came here so see what kind of tasks we have. Well, we cannot show you the actual list as they will be published in Code-in's website when the time comes, and it's important that no one has an unfair advantage, but we can tell you this:

- We value all categories. We will have tasks for developers (of course), web designers (our website could use a new theme, couldn't it), graphic designers (for example, a new logo is in order), documentation writers (tutorials are highly useful), project organizers (yes, getting everyone on the same page is not always trivial) and more. To sum it up, if you want to work, we will have tasks for you no matter what your interests or skills are.
- If you are looking for sample code tasks, check the currently open issues at GitHub. Most or all of them will become one or more tasks (depending on difficulty or amount of work required). This is probably true for most organizations so we aren't disclosing a big secret here.
- We have a slack channel in which everyone is welcome. You will find members of the core team, past Summer of Code students and mentors, past Code-In students including the winners, etc. Feel free to come talk to us. You can invite yourself from our support page.

Finally, a video of our two winners from Code-In 2016 talking at Google's offices in San Francisco about what they did: