Desktop Actions in Ilia

Mentor: Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

Time estimation 175 Hours

Project Brief

Applications can define .desktop files which are configuration files that provide metadata about an application, such as its name, icon, command to execute, etc. These files are used by application launchers to render the list of application.

Desktop Actions within .desktop files are additional actions that can be performed on an application, such as opening a specific file or performing a specific operation. These actions are typically made availabe to users via application menus that appear on right clicking the application entry.

Ilia is an application launcher used by Regolith, but it lacks support for Desktop Actions.

Your Job

Add support for Desktop Actions to Ilia. You need to take into account that Regolith is a keyboard oriented desktop environment, which means the desktop actions should be accessible without having to click.

Qualification tasks

Add a clipboard page to ilia (should work in both X11 and Wayland)