Firebase editor.


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Time estimation

175 hours

Project Repo

N/A (project from scratch)

Project Brief

Firebase is a nice schemaless database, very popular for small projects.

I haven't seen a generic editor of firebase tables that is generic; of course it's easy to create a project that uses Firebase and has its own full UI for whatever the project is about, but this is not what we want to do.

Instead, let's build a relatively simple app that can edit any firebase table.

This is what it should look like:

  • Allow doing the usual CRUD operations (create, update, delete) for a table, regardless of the structure. Of course, the structure needs to be defined somewhere. Since firebase is schemaless you will have to come up with a good way to define "schema inside schemaless".

  • We'll have to be able to define string fields (one line), string fields (multi line), as well as selects, and checkboxes.

  • When a record is inserted or edited in the database externally (of course we're creating an editor, but the point is that there will be other systems interacting with that DB), allow sending a notification to the user so he/she can then make changes to the new record.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page. Any Flutter task will do.