Beacon Watch Companion.

Primary mentor: Akshat Tripathi (Slack handle: @Akshat Tripathi). Akshat is a GSoC'22 participant and GSoC'23 mentor with CCExtractor Development. He made contributions to the Flood-Mobile Project.

Time estimation
175 hours

Project Brief

Have you ever been to a city tour, or hike, or anything else in which a whole group is supposed to stay together by following a leader (who hopefully, knows where is going) but you don't know anyone else in the group and you can't really get distracted or you might lose the group?

Well, this is the first use case the beacon is supposed to solve! Read more about beacon here

This project is intended to be a smart watch companion for the beacon project.

Your Job

Create a watch companion for the beacon project. The following would be required to fulfill the above goal:

  • Have an understanding of the beacon project.
  • Design the beacon watch companion user interface (be minimilistic as watches have small screens so not much can be accomodated).
  • Replicate the beacon project features to the beacon watch companion.
  • Work closely with the beacon project team.

For now your job is to write your proposal by having an understanding of the beacon project (including screen design mockups etc in proposal would be great).


You must be able to be self sufficient and understand both front-end and back-end of beacon.

To get a good understanding of the Beacon Flutter app, test the beacon app and fix whatever is broken (send PRs) if you find anything.

Qualification tasks

Develop two applications:

  • A smart watch application that should be able to send background notification to the mobile application on the click of a button.
  • A mobile application that should be able to receive background notification from watch application. Hint: Use FCM and Firebase Cloud Functions.