Mentor: Nishant Singhal (Slack handle: @Nishant Singhal). Nishant Singhal is a GSoC'22 participant with CCExtractor Development. He made contributions to the TaskWarrior Project.

TaskWarrior is a very nice command-line tool to manage task list.

It lets you keep your to-do locally but there’s also server support so you can sync between different computers, you can build scripts around it (since it’s command line based), it has a powerful filtering system, and more.

We had made a mobile app using Flutter in previous year. This year we want to improve it and add new features.

This year , our main task is to establish perfecting TaskServer functionality so we can perfectly sync between different platforms.

We perviously using freeinc services but they are shutting down so we have to find alternative or if necessary deploy ours.

On top of that, we’d expect to be able to:

  • Know the structure - Check the “best practices” for what a task needs to have.
  • TaskServer setup in their device
  • Manager for Tags, Projects and other attributes
  • Move tasks between projects
  • Reports
  • New ideas will also be appreciated

Because each person has his/her own workflow whoever tackles this project should be familiar with TaskWarrior before actually starting to work on it. It takes just a few minutes to install and configure, and a couple of days to actually love it if you use it :-)

Useful resources

inthe.am - A free server you can use
A fork of freeinc, a free server that no longer exists but you can run this fork locally