TaskWarrior is a very nice command-line tool (yes, in 2022 — and I love it!) to manage task list.

It lets you keep your to-do locally but there’s also server support so you can sync between different computers, you can build scripts around it (since it’s command line based), it has a powerful filtering system, and more.

The one thing that it’s missing is a really good mobile app (there’s something, but it’s not really great, and it seems unmaintained).

So let’s fix that and leverage flutter to build a great interface for everybody.

How would a great TaskWarrior mobile app look like? Well, since it’s mobile, most likely the phone is not the primary or only device in which we will be using TaskWarrior, so TaskServer support is essential. You don’t need to roll out your own (unless you want to). I use this one (which is free).

On top of that, we’d expect to be able to:

Because each person has his/her own workflow whoever tackles this project should be familiar with TaskWarrior before actually starting to work on it. It takes just a few minutes to install and configure, and a couple of days to actually love it if you use it :-)