Mouseless for Linux v2 - i3 edition


Mouseless is a nice tool to practice keyboard shortcuts for a few popular apps.

Last year we created a basic one for Linux.

This year we'd like to focus on writer an i3wm teaching tool that trains muscle memory to use i3 with the keyboard only.

If you haven't used i3 yet, we recommend the regolith system (that's the one we use). If comes completely ready to use - you can install it from USB, or over an existing Ubuntu.

Your job

We don't want to clone Mouseless (we don't have any relationship with their authors, and we don't want to copy any of their work) - but the idea is good, and we think we can do a good job doing a tool that does a similar job of training users to use the mouse less and the keyboard more, but for the usual Linux tools.

We don't know what's the best technology is to build this, so we're open to ideas. Just come up with a good plan, and a proof of concept for any Linux tool you like.

Qualification tasks

Take a look at this page.