Sentiment Analysis / Realtime Translation with Google Translate/Apertium


  • Realtime Translation using Google Translate
  • Realtime Translation using Apertium
  • Web application to compare statistics of Stock Price, TV Mentions and Twitter

Technical Documentation

All the technical details are commented in the codes and the documentation is available in the Readme's of their directories. The variables, classes and other components of the code are named properly in Camel Case for easier understanding of the code.


How to use?

Google Translate and Apertium Realtime Translation

The instruction to use the codes directly are given in the Readme of the repositories. A sample of translator from English to Spanish is available at

Web Application for comparing Statistics

The application is presently hosted at It has been built on Web2py framework.

Deployment on a new server:

How to evaluate?

Google Translate and Apertium Realtime Translation

Repositories of both the translators have methodAnalysis/ file. Execute this file if the code is working properly. Also English->Spanish realtime translation is available at

Web Application for comparing Statistics

The web application is hosted on To look at the entire code, go to Give the password: "akirato123" and select "statsChart" to check the entire code.

Contribution to blog

The subtitles generated by CCExtractor can now be translated and be made available to a larger audience due to the realtime translation tool. The tool uses Google Translate and Apertium to provide online and offline translation respectively. The Statistics website collects data from Twitter using Twitter API, from TV advertisements using CCExtractor and shows it effects on the Stock Price which are updated using Google Finance. This will be very useful for opinion collection and looking at the effects of advertisements on Social Media.