Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2023 ideas page - classics

This page contains ideas that we find interesting and we would love to do but maybe there are too niche and no one ever picks them up :-)

Thanks for visiting this page! These projects have the same importance as those in the main page. We just moved them to their own page to help keep things tidy.

CCExtractor core

NameDescriptionTech you need to knowTech you will learnDifficultySize
Add support for DTMB countriesDTMB is the standard for Chinese TV, also implemented by countries such as Cuba. What kind of student is ideal for this task? One with lots of analytic skills and patience. If you are one of those, don't disregard this task just because you don't speak (or maybe, even care) about Chinese. The experience on dealing with this will be extremely valuable in the future.We will use part of the organization funds to buy standard documents you might need, a capture device, and in general, anything required to make your life easier.RustDTMB Video standards Hardware ResearchUnknownDiscuss
Add Japanese supportCaptions are used by people all over the world on a regular basis. Most of us are familiar with regular horizontal captions at the bottom of the screen, but did you know that in Japan a common position for captions is vertically on the right or left side of the screen? Come learn more about what Japanese audiences need out of captions as well as how captioning standard likes IMSC and WebVTT support these features.Japanese (or be good with foreign languages), RustDependsSuspected hardDiscuss

New subtitles tools

NameDescriptionTech you need to knowTech you will learnDifficultySize
Subtitle quality quantification toolWriting a subtitle quality quantification tool(Some) Rust, Some (C)CCExtractor internalsMedium350 hours


NameDescriptionTech you need to knowTech you will learnDifficultySize
Linux tuning for network throughputCome up with a system that tunes the linux kernel to maximize network throughput for a number of workloads, such as web server or BitTorrent. We will provide access to a server with a huge pipe (10 Gbit/s, SSD, lots of cores) and your job is to build a tool that maximizes the throughput (and prove it!)LinuxKernel internals, NetworkingMedium175 hours


NameDescriptionTech you need to knowTech you will learnDifficultySize
BitTorrent over TLSBitTorrent protocol is not secure. Its encryption mechanism is outdated and weak. Even for obfuscation, it is ineffective. Nowadays, even an entry-level gateway has the capability to detect and block BitTorrent traffic at little to no risk. The BitTorrent community would benefit from a new standard encryption mechanism that allows strong encryption, forward secrecy and resistance to censorship.DependsNetworking, StandardizationHard350 hours
The next peer-to-peer protocolBitTorrent is of course the world's most used peer to peer protocol. It's great, but it was designed before the cloud was ubiquitous and it doesn't make use of the places where you have the most storage or the most bandwidth. Can we design something for the next decade?DependsPeer-to-peer, cloudUnknown175 hours